Monday, March 1, 2010

there are 24 usable hours in the day

Ever feel like you have a never ending to do list? 24 hours just aren't enough in a day. Life is a balancing act that I have almost mastered perfectly with the help of red bull, coffee, and tea. I have a couple of DIY projects that just keep being pushed to the bottom of my list...such as beading lace tights and shredding vintage tees. I promise I'll get to these eventually and post the results. This weekend was completely exhausting between designing, work, and recouping from a nasty fall down the stairs.
Ziggy and I could just not stay awake today
I spoke to a woman the other day who went to art school and loved painting and said she just doesn't have time for it anymore. After hearing this I decided I'm going to make more time for the things I push to the bottom of my list. As much as I love grad school (best decision of my life) and the work I have to do daily for it, sometimes it's just nice to do something I don't have to do. Never give up something you love because of time...set aside a few hours once a week and ALWAYS make time for the people in your life.
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