Wednesday, September 16, 2009

handmade with love

Teaspoons and Petals- This store is perfect to go with my addiction to tea.  Teaspoons and Petals sells gorgeous teacups with a handwritten haiku on each.  Plus it is based in Philly and you can't get any better than Philly Love.  
Publique House sells unique 3-D cards and placemats.  I love the placemats are super cute for special occasions.  They are offered with a pop out of a pram, birdcage (my favorite), balloons, scooter, butterflies, cake, reindeer.  The pram placemats would be so adorable for a baby shower.
Graphic Designer, Valentina is behind Valentina Design's inspirational art work.  I think everyone should have a piece of hers hung up in their house.  Not only are her drawings adorable but also uplifting.

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